Personal Messages

I cannot find any of my personal messages.
Nor can I find my inbox, outbox, etc.

I tried clicking on the tiny envelope in my profile and it leads me to compose a thunderbird email and it wont acceot a from address.

would someone please send me an email so I can see where it goes ?


Test PM has been sent.

from the Forum main page, I cannot seem to find my messages.
How do I get there ?


I click on my avatar at the upper right to see PMs.

I click on my avatar in a forum to Show Posts.

Might function different for me as a Moderator.

For example, when I click your avatar in this thread, I see this (I didn't capture all of the screen)

Well, nuts, I can see them now. So weird.


Actually, I see what I was doing wrong. I was looking at my profile not my avatar.
Ah well, live and learn.


Over 300 posts and still managed to post in a section where they were not supposed to

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