personal weight sensor

it;s my first time to use arduino
i need help how to make a personal weight sensor using arduino and what i need to buy
(Weight Sensor (Load cell) 50kg *2 my range 0>>100 Weight Scales Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) 24-bit & ..) ?

Commercial scales usually use 4 sensors. In the worst case scenario, each of those has to able to cope with someone putting their full weight on a single corner, plus the dynamic loading as they step on.

You can use an existing digital personal scale, many of them have a load cell.
Although newer ones are so thin, I don't know if they have a load cell inside.

The hx711 is often used: SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier - HX711 - SEN-13879 - SparkFun Electronics or on Ebay.

How do you want to display the weight ? On a display or via usb to a computer or send it wireless to a central unit ?
How do you want to power it ? With batteries, or a power supply like a wall wart ?

i need it display on lcd wireless connection

That is possible. You need two Arduino boards.

If you can find a (old) personal scale that has already 4 load cells (or one), then you don’t have to worry about the mechanical part. The way a weight is applied to a load cell matters.

To transmit the data, the very cheap 433MHz / 315 MHz modules from Ebay can be used. They need a library like VirtualWire or RadioHead with the RH_ASK option.
Or use transceivers. If you use a transceiver that is compatible with RadioHead, then it is easy to use another transceiver that is also supported by the library.

If you can find a scale with a 7-segment display, you can monitor the display's pins and decode what the output says. I think this is kind of a backwards way to get a digital reading but occasionally it's the easiest way of getting the digital data.