Personnal Messages down

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It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.

No idea what the previous message means.?

Not able to read PM. I guess not as critical as the site going down. Presumably getting PM up and running is in progress?

At least I get my PMs as e-mails so I can read them. Can’t read/reply online though. And the entire site is still slow.

Thanks. I should be doing the same

PMs are still not working. You can send something, but all the recipient sees is an error when they go into their messages. Same thing if you look in your outbox. I suppose having the web site itself function (albeit still slow and filled with timeouts), is more important than sending PMs to one another. Still, would be nice to get PMs working again (that's besides getting the bigger issue resolved as well.)

I keep getting PMs but I can only ever see the title. So communication by title is possible, it out twitters twitter.

Everything I tried on the page seemed to work including the user ID but the link to the message did not load it

I am having the same problem with PMs:

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Admin, when this will be solved? at least now the site seems fast :D

Ok, it's been a while since the update and messages are still broken. We still haven't heard a single peep out of the Arduino team on what's being done, both to the server, or software side of things. There's no indication that problems are being worked on, no ETA of when things might work again. I still see slow down with the site as well, although not nearly as bad as what it was before the update. I realize I shouldn't complain about a free service, but still ...

if you take a look at artuino's twitter, thay are aware of the problem and trying to solve it

hmm but we don't all twitter

how long would it take to post a sticky? "sorry PMs broken - wrecking crew in attendance"

i don't have twitter too... just look here:


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People are sending me messages, I try to reply and get the above. I don't know if the reply went through or not.

Most forum software has a MOTD (message of the day) feature where you can put things that appear on every page, like "messaging broken, should be fixed in 3 days" or some such thing. Why not use it?

The most recent message on the "main" Arduino page (which I admit I don't usually go to because it just looks like ads) is 7 days ago talking about "there is a server migration in progress. It was supposed to take 20 minutes but the hosting provider is having some trouble".

That's it. Nothing about messages being down, or when they expect to fix it.

that's funny: everytime they try to upgrade something (see old yabb to new SMF forum) goes wrong (hoster, software or hardware problems)..

anyway i think (hope) the arduino team is working hard for fixing this problem ;)

Hej guys,

I am sorry for the silence when it comes to this ... we have been very busy with the server upgrade, implementing a new backup system, etc. This issue has of course priority and we will try to fix it during today.

Again, I am really sorry for the inconvenience and I should be the one to blame for this ...

If it helps in any way, thing is you guys were lasting an 8 cores computer to the point that it was impossible to even list a directory, therefore we had to make sure we had a proper machine to run the forum before we could go into fixing mode.

Things will be much much better from now on.


fixed :-)


Just out of curiosity, what are the specs of the new machine. Hardware, file-systems, OS ...


as taken from the ServInt website:

Solo Pro 1260 Quad Core Xeon® X3450 Processor * 4 x 2.66 GHz HyperThreaded Cores 8 MB L3 Cache, 1333 MHz FSB 12 GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory 650 GB Usable Storage Serial ATA Storage in RAID 1 8 TB Monthly Transfer Full Specs 100 Mbps Uplink Port 4 IP Addresses CentOS 5 or 6, 32 or 64-bit Unlimited Domains and User Accounts FREE cPanel or Parallels® Plesk Panel FREE Daily Off-Server Backups