Pet Cam Project


A good friend of mine has a cat that goes outside during the day and comes in at night. We were wondering where does the cat go in such a hurry. So, I had the idea of developing a small, and obviously lightweight, video monitoring system that we could put on the cats collar.

My ideas for this system would be that an arduino interfaces with a small camera and records to a storage device (SD car or USB stick) or have the signal transmitted to another device wirelessly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do either of these, or if they are even possible with the arduino?


Check here:

'cause it's been done.

Thanks for the link, and I know it has been done before, but I was kind of wanting to do one for myself for the fun of the project.

You still can. I pointed you to this link because there are circuit diagrams and other info you can use as a starting point. I thought that was what you were asking for. Information...

oh ok. I will look through it a lil better this time. Thanks

Although you want to do it yourself, it's probably going to be cheaper and a whole lot easier just to buy one eg

It's only £39.95, which I`d imagine is going to be close or less than the price of buying the parts individually.

May be this link would be usefull as well: Discussed somewhere on this forum...