PETTY COIN BANK - initial stage

hey Guys... need some advise and help on the initial idea and components of this project.


PURPOSE: - To electronically segregate coins, display the total number of coins per each case and the total monetary amount inside, with dispensing and security capability.

FUNCTION: - Individual coins inserted in the coin slot will be segregated to go to the corresponding individual coin cases and each case will count and display the number of coins dropped in them and a general display for the total amount of money inserted in the device. With a security lock, the device is capable of dispensing coins.

so What do you think?

Some advise on how i can make this possible... I do have some ideas on the segregation and dispensing mechanisms of the project, and how to identify each of the coins from each other when inserted in the coin slot.My concern would be the Displays for the each NUMBER OF COINS that falls per case (3 displays in total), and the TOTAL MONETARY AMOUNT display that counts per inserted coin in the system. Of course when dispensing, the number of coins should be decremented and the TOTAL MONETARY AMOUNT would change as well depending on the coin and number of coins dispensed.

And as you might have read from the purpose and function, this project intends to have a security lock for the dispensing mechanism. Anyone can put coins but only someone that knows the code can dispense coins. I plan on putting a keypad for that. but here is the thing...

I DON'T KNOW WHAT MICRO-CONTROLLER I SHOULD USE. I plan on using ARDUINO, but what arduino should i use? and if someone can help i'd like a count of the inputs and outputs so i can decide on what to use.

Thanks if someone helps on this...

I plan on using ARDUINO, but what arduino should i use?

You have some inputs. Each coin slot needs some sensor to detect when a coin passes by. Three slots == three sensors.

You mention a keypad. That takes some pins. How many depends on the unspecified keypad.

You have some outputs. There is text on an LCD. The unspecified LCD needs some Arduino pins.

You need some way of ejecting coins. Three slots == three output devices.

Add up all the pins needed. Determine which Arduino style (there's really only two) has that number of pins.