pH basics - getting started

Hi All & thanks in advance for any help. My arduino doesn't recognise my pH sensor.

I am a level 0.01 Arduino programmer. I have bought an Arduino Uno + pH testing kit (this one)

I found this source code & have uploaded it to my board + connected the pH sensor to the outside ICSP ports, simply because that's where they look like they should connect.

Now in the serial monitor, I get 25*/pH1.xx readings, but alas I get the same scrolling text even if I unplug the pH sensor from the ICSP port.

I guess the code is looking at a different port? Can someone point me in the right direction to get the pH sensor properly connected? Again, very amateur user so simple explanation preferred.


You need to know how that little interface board with your pH sensor,works. The seller seems to have zero information :frowning:

The code you have is for some different sensor I think...

Having the same problem with this, different, code as well.

I don't see how this sensor is wired. I thing GND, 5V and analog out.
For starting you can simply wire the analog out to A0 and simply print the value in the loop.
Don't forget to connect GND and 5V.

When you get the reading where is put the sensor? Air, liquid? wich liquid?
I believe that in air the measure is meaningless. Tap water is usually around 7, maybe a little less because of carbon dioxide.
The measure is sensitive to noise.