Ph sensor notification through GSM

im using arduino board, GSM board siemens tc35, breadboard,LCD and ph sensor from atlas scientific.

what i understand about my project is,

  1. i need to wiring arduino board with LCD through breadborad (done)- only display black box but not display anything yet.
  2. i need configure circuit for ph sensor that atlas scientific give with ph sensor that i buy.(the wiring is done, becoz the circuit is on)
  3. connect arduino with GSM board.

problems: =(

  1. with this arduino board, i need to configure 3 thing. that is LCD, ph circuit and GSM modem… that is posible? or it is normal to used only one arduino or i need more arduino?
  2. that my wiring is correct? because my LCD not display the hello world after i burn the coding into arduino. the LCD is on and display the black box. but not the “hello world”
    3)how i can test the GSM board, is it work or not?im used hyperterminal. i type “AT” and it just reply “OK”. nothing happen after that…

please give me advise and help…
thanks… :slight_smile:

You need to power the GSM - or at least you need to connect its ground to the Arduino ground if it is powered by something else.

Ports 0 and 1 are used by the USB interface - you cannot have the GSM connected whilst you upload software or attempt to communicate with the PC.

Interesting question "do you need more Arduinos"? The funny thing is that using more Arduinos generally makes the situation much worse because you then have to arrange for them to communicate between each other in addition to whatever else they are doing.

I suppose you would have to consult the manual for the GSM unit and learn how to control it (its command set). Come to think of it, that really is the project in a nutshell.

Oh yes - how did you connect the GSM to the PC to test it?