pH Sensors - Affordability - MiFlora

Hello everyone,

I came across the MiFlora soil measuring device from Xiaomi.

I saw that it claims to measure the pH levels of the soil together with moisture levels, temperature, and light. However, I was surprised to see that a pH sensor is usually double the price of the MiFlora.

Therefore, I was curious to know how MiFlora can determine the pH of the soil, but I could not find anything about it.

Do you guys know if what Xiaomi is claiming to sell is a bit of a scam or is there a way they can actually measure the pH with such a device?


Depending where you look, some articles mention pH, others don't.
Yes, traditional glass electrodes are expensive and looking at it, 16 Euros does look a bit cheap for all those measurements.
There are solid state electrodes available, but I suspect they will be as expensive, certainly if buying separately

Most likely you're not going to get any more info here then you did here

I did see they got a Python Library for the device.

Well spotted Idahowalker.
Some pretty poor replies there.
Soil pH measurement has a pretty strict protocol.
Off the top of my head, it’s something like 2.5 parts deionised water to 1 part dried soil, or it might be the other way round, but the essence is that you need at least a slurry. Even damp soil is unlikely to work.
Normally recommended is a toughened spear electrode.
Just looking at the image of the users probe, says this ain’t gonna work.
Even if it did work, any data is going to be meaningless without some sort of calibration.
There might be some mileage in using a test strip and measuring the colour.