Phantom Power (48v DC) Triggered 110v AC relay - Need Guidance


I have been tasked with turning on a remote amplifier location (110v AC) with a Yamaha PM5D Sound board.

I have decided to leverage the “Phantom Power” feature of the sound board. The goal is that when specific channel has phantom power turned on, the remote 110 turns on. When it turns
off the reverse happens.

What electronics do I need to make this happen?

On this board. The Phantom Power is supposed to be 48v DC.

If at all possible I would like to pass the “phantom power” and mic signal on to the microphone in the guitar cabinet if needed

Thank you

You probably want to use a relay to switch the 110, to keep it isolated from the audio. The coil side of the relay probably won’t be able to driven directly from the phantom power, since they draw so much current. So you’ll need a transistor (relay driver) to switch on/off the relay.

Both those of those circuits are easily found online. One thing you’ll have to watch is switching the transistor/driver on with the 48V. You’ll probably want to step that down.

Would it be better to use a regulator or a DC to DC transformer to step it down? I've done some arduino controlled 110v relays but those were being trigger by 5v DC. Will I have to bring 48v all the way down to 5v? If so, how do I do this with as little noise as possible?

Thank you so much already!

Since you only have 10mA to work with, I don't think you want to run it through a regulator.

You probably want to use a voltage divider and use that to trigger your transistor.