Phase shifting sine wave analog signal


I am new here. Can anyone tell me is there any chance to make phase shifting sine wave analog signal on 35MHz with arduino Due. Is there any chance to control that shifting?

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You can phase shift a PWM signal, clocked at 84 MHz, with PWM_CPRDUPD to UpDate the clock frequency divisor in your loop().

Nonetheless, the Duty cycle given by PWM_CDTY will be 1, 2 or 3 depending of your PWM_CPRDUPD giving a Duty Cycle of( (1 or 2 or 3)/ PWM_CPRDUPD) * 100 %.

Since the highest clock frequency you can select for a PWM signal is 84 MHz, the first divisors are 2 then 3 giving 42 MHz and 28 MHz for a left aligned signal, with an average of 35 MHz…
See Sam3x datasheet page 1049 for details.

And this is obviously not a sine wave.