Phased Array Antenna System


I created a circuit board with phase shifters, shift registers, Wilkinsons, and pin connectors. I'm trying to develop some program using the Arduino Uno that would allow me to control the 16 antenna elements on my board and program the board to use time delay to shift the antenna beam in specific locations.

I am trying to create this phased array antenna system to increase Wifi signal strength to certain locations, so I want to be able to direct/ control the aiming of the beam of the array.

I do not really understand Arduino software, and only know Java completely.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

The Arduino is not nearly fast enough to help you generate a Wi-Fi phase shift. You will have to make a phase shift circuit to put in each transmitter.
That is a tricky piece of RF engineering and it is a specialist skill. You might be better off asking in a ham radio forum.

Have you really ? I doubt it. And at 2.4GHz it’d be pretty bulky. Though feasible

You haven’t mentioned variable phase shifters - how have you done that?. You’d need couplers - Wilko’s, but that’s only a part.

If you had done all this you’d be in the military game and wouldn’t be asking questions here.