Phone SIM Card, Guild/Project

So I've been over a year now if I'm not wrong in arduino electronics, I'm really glad that I found you guys, this forum, this website in general arduino community :D I had many fun projects and gained a lot of experience.

At this moment of my experience with arduino electronics I want to upgrade to something more had some ideas but I'd like suggestions, as you see from the title I'd like to try something with sim cards, communication thru smart phones, sms, phone calls, internet..etc I got many ideas in my mind.

But I'd like to know with what should I start, need something simple at start, which modules, please don't suggest me shields I don't like them :D nothing bad about shields but I don't really like them :D, I heard about sim900 or something like that, where should i start ?

Thanks, Domino60

If you can find a shield that does what you want, find out what chip it uses and then Google for that chip with "module", "breakout board", or "evaluation board" to find the non-shield equivalent.