photo ethernet shield

Good evening to everibody!

I bought one arduino ethernet shield but i m not sure that brige welded correctly becouse of some short between them. Can someone take an accuratly photo at him shield microcontroller so i can see if my shield is good? Thanks to everyone!

Here is a post with links to pics that show bad shields with solder bridges between the w5100 pins.

If you have anything like these pics show, it is probably going to malfunction. There should be no solder bridges between pins on your shield.

I've just seen thise post, so i've bouht one other shiled and i've some problem, so if someone can take one photo of one working shiled i can see the difference between two and maybe undestand the problem !!! thank you

My working shield looks just like the images on that link, but have no solder bridges. Are you having trouble understanding what a solder bridge is?

so all bridges in your shiled work independently?

Solder bridges do not "work independently". I have no solder bridges on my ethernet shield. Solder bridges are a manufacturing defect. The four arrows in this picture point to solder bridges. It is a solder connection between two adjacent pins that should not be there. None of the pins on the w5100 should have these defects.