photocell + arduino

Hello Community,
I want to make my first arduino project.
basiccly i want to connect a photocell (light sensor) to an arduino.
Why ? to put it in an old fridge for checking if its closed.
sometimes it doesnt close well, and it has (like most fridges do) an light mechanism wich turns off when the door is closed.
So wich Arduino is best for my project ? (is the uno enough ?)
and is it resistant to the temps in the fridge ? (i didnt measured them but lets say 5 degrees celcius)
please help :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to this forum,

You can use any arduino, an uno would be more then capable enough.

Temperature probably won't be a problem as long as you stay above freezing-point. Below it might, although most arduino-projects will probably be able to handle some "abuse". The weather station in my backyard is proof of that.

Humidity could cause problems though, certainly if the door stays open and warm moist air (like in most kitchens) is able to enter the fridge and condensate. To avoid humidity problems, you could use an airtight enclosure for your arduino or... connect the photocell using a few thin wires while keeping the arduino outside the fridge.