Photocell is reading backwards I losing my mind!?

Last night I had everything working... the sketch would startup and I would get a 700 reading. If I covered the photocell, it would go up to about 1000... I was using that as a threshold to do something with.

Today I wanted to move things around a bit to free up more room on my breadboard. I moved the sensor to the other side of the breadboard and when I fired it up, it started about 700 but when I cover it, it now goes DOWN! To about 30, er something....

I have tried putting my reading wire on the positive side, the negative side, moving it back to the other side of the breadboard... and now it just seems to read LOWER rather than HIGHER like it used too...

What am I doing wrong?

Change 5V with GND in the photocell circuit (I'm assuming that your photocell is a voltage divider with a LDR).

That was it...thought I had done that ...thanks so much.