Photodiode serial or paralel


i'm using photodiode BPW34 for triggering laser gate. BPW34 is small - 5x5mm and i want to enlarge receiver area with 3x3 or 4x4 diod matrix ( this device is portable and calibrating laser ray on 3 - 4 meters to 5x5mm area is tricky :) Question is if i should connect diods is parallel or in serie. Diods are connecte directly to arduino analog input ( so far working perfectly for several months ).



Hi, It will not work in series, photo diodes are used in reverse, so basically the 4 diodes should be lit to work. In parallel it might work, but you need to take into account you'll have 4 times the current caused by the ambient light. So you need to set the threshold voltage again. You can go for 4 independent sensors and then logically combine them in your arduino