Photoduino Shield 3.0 Problems with IR Sensors


I 've build up an Photoduino Shield 3.0 to control my dslr.
it seems that all sensors working correct except of both IR sensors for building up light barriers.

When I connect the IR LED and phototransistor sensor to the photoduino the sensor reports a very value (249) even if the LED is directly in front of the sensor. Is this value in range / correct?
Can someone post the value of his sensor ?

When I connect the IR LED and photodiode sensor, the photodiode report a very high value (917). there is no difference if the IR LED is connected or not.

I do not know how to check with part works not correctly. Viewing the IR LED with my handy cam shows the LED lighten up. So the LED seems to work. If the value of the phototransistor is correct the photodiode seems to be wrong / damaged…

Any suggestion?
Best regards