Photography trigger

Hi can any one help me with this project please as my programming skills are very poor. I want to build an arduino controlled trigger that will be able to do the following. 1. Water drop controler to control 3 valves 2. Time lapels trigger 3. I/r trigger Any one able to help please let me know Albert

1) sounds easy

2) and 3) I can't follow. Perhaps you can explain in more words what you are trying to achieve?

Edit; ok I guess 2) is "time lapse trigger". That is also quite easy.

3) is maybe a light dependent trigger? Also fairly easy, depending on the setup.

Not only easy, but already done many times - google a bit - you should find multiple projects documented that you could adapt to your needs.

Hmm, now I am wondering how the water valves are related to photography?

Usually it's to take high speed photographs of water droplets as they hit a water surface.

Hi let me explain in more detail 1 I want to be able to do the following fire 1,2, or 3 valves either one at a time or in a pattern with an adjustable delay between them I would also like to be able to set the delay to 0 so all three valves fire together if possible I would also like to add more valves later up to 6. I want the flash to fire when a drop passes through a sensor with an adjustable delay between the trigger activating and the flash firing. 2 time lapse I know it should not be hard just an adjustable delay between each activation of the flash and shutter but I would like to set the delay between fraction s of a second to days apart 3 high speed trigger I would like to have the option to fire the camera and flash with a delay between the action would be triggered either by sound , sensor or PIR I know there are intervidual projects out there but I would like all 3 in one unit if possible Hope you can help or point me to some one who has done this before Thanks Albert

Ok, this is getting more complicated. If you haven't done this sort of thing before, you need to start with something basic and work up.

Otherwise, start with something that is close to what you want and adapt it.