Photoresistor hack with arduino??

Hello everyone.

I'm very new to Arduino and computer engineering so, please forgive me if this is something ignorant.

I came across something interesting (to me) messing around with my duino.

can someone explain to me what the heck is going on??? :-/

thanks in advance.

Lets make this simple. Rather then trying to give us a video question how about posting the code and then tell us what your having a problem with.

since its not connected, your wire is basically an antenna, your laptop as a power source, insulated by some glass (the table), and your arduino as a output (lower resistance to ground) all acts a a capacitor

And your antenna is right in the middle of all this, when you walk by you disturb the field which changes the already floating analog input

if you want a more refined example of the side effect you created check out ...