photoresistor solar tracking problem

Hi, I have the arduino UNO and I am doing a project, solar tracking with 5 photoresistors and 2 servos and everything was going good until I had to take my cirquit apart and make it again.. I have a scheme and a good program that worked but after a fixed again the cirquit, the program passes to the arduino but when I put light on the photoresisters the servos move only a 0.1 inch lets say.. I tried it only with 2 photoresisters too and the same thing, the servos tend to go from the right way but stop immidiately. Did I burn the analog inputs or digital or even my servos?? I tested my analog inputs with a potintiometer and they work fine.. please help..

Hello Alehandro,

This happens to many of us sometimes.

"Everything is right but it does not work".

This means "No, something is not right. You just don't know what it is".

Disconnect everything and carefully assemble it again, is what I do in this kind of case.

Iassembled it again and the same problem still.. I put a pontetiometer at all analoog pins and the led at pin 13 worked fine and I ran the sweep program and my servos work fine.. But when I put 2 photoresistors (left right) and the servo at the digital pin it tends to move to the correct way but doesnt.. I disconected it to many times but nothing..