Photosensor activated LED's and Piezo?

Im a complete beginner (very obvious) with a distinct lack of electrical knack and tiny code knowledge...but I am trying.

Im trying to get 3 LED's and a piezo buzzer to activate using a photosensor as an on/off switch. So when its dark, the LEDs and buzzer come on. Is this possible with an UNO board and the 3 listed components? Does the order of code matter, as in does the photosensor code come first, then LEDs and buzzer, as per the circuit? Any help appreciated.


It would be possible to do. Do you have the starter kit that is for sale on this website? If not, you should get that. It has a project included in it which does something very similar. It uses a photoresistor, and it even comes with all the parts you need included with the kit.

You could use it to do something specific when the light is turned off.

I can't remember how much the starter kit is, but it's worth the price because it comes with a lot of lessons that you can build, and it includes a ton of parts that you can use/reuse.

Thanks for your reply. I have the starter kit from here yes. Ive tried adapting the code from the 3 relevant lessons but Im not getting it right. Ill head over to the code board now I know its possible with the contents of this kit.

I think the fun part about this is that it seems like anything is possible if you use your imagination with what you build. You're only going to be limited by your imagination and knowledge.

And, one way to gain knowledge is to follow your imagination (until something goes poof...) and another is search and read.

Good luck and have lots of fun.