Physical Hit Counter

I've made a physical hit counter to show hits to my arduino site.

It's an arduino, ethernet shield, servo and a lever-driven counter.

It checks for new hits every minute, and clicks the counter on if I've got one.

Write-up and code available here: (and you'll make my counter click on one :slight_smile: )

I've added a webcam feed now. It only refreshes every 30s at the moment but I'll sort that out over the weekend.

Edit: 2,000 hits overnight. Here's a nearly-live grab (shift+refresh to update):

Awesome idea! Just an FYI I had to clear my browsing history to get the image to reload from your site and show the "hit" :slight_smile:

I'm not an HTML pro at all but I'm betting there is a way to fix that. Great way to get people to check out your site though!

Thanks A1.
The webcam was a quick knock-up last night because a few people I told demanded it.
I'll sort it so it works properly over the weekend - including adding video of it working.