Physical Status Notifiers

I posted this a while back in the old bar sport forum, hopefully nobody minds that I am reposting this in hopes of getting more help!

Dear Arduino Community,

I am looking to start my first project from scratch (no guides, no schematics, nothing that i've found so far at least). Scary. I could use a large amount of help. My experience so far with arduino goes as far as: building an arduinome, and a reverse geocache puzzle box. Both projects were reasonable but definitely surmountable challenges and a lot of fun.

Essentially, the project is a personal physical status notifier robot.

I think the most similar project I can think of is the physical email notifier robot here:

However, I want two robots that communicate with each other. So, if I move the arm/head/legs of one robot, a matching robot at my girlfriend's house would mimic mine and vice versa.

Is this possible? I imagine so.. but I may be wrong. This is my thinking so far:

1) I would prefer wifi communication... probably some WiFly shields. 2) I need a server of some sort that stores the positions of the robots and pushes it down to each robot. 3) I need a device like the NXT motors that both reads/writes the position of a servo.

There are other tons of other issues I think I would like to think out before I would like to buy parts as money is tight as well.

Does anyone have any interest/opinions? pointers? know of an existing project?

Well, you should be able to easily do up to six rotational joints because the basic Arduino has six analog inputs and can drive at least six servos.

The 'sending' robot would have a variable resistor for each joint. The Arduino would use an analog input to get the position of the variable resistor (there are examples for reading variable resistors). The sending Arduino would then send those positions to the receiving Arduino. The receiving Arduino would set the positions of the servos in the 'receiving' robot (there are libraries and examples for controlling servos).

Try it first with a single Arduino reading a single variable resistor and controlling a single servo. Then build up to several variable resistors and several servos. Then move the servo code to a second Arduino and have the two communicate over a short distance with Serial communications (there are examples for that). If you get all that working you can then invest in two WiFi adapters. Get the WiFi connection working within your home network, then try to get it working through the public internet.

Good luck!