Physilog5 inertial sensor available for 399.-EUR

Physilog was born from research, and Gait Up releases the very last version.

  • Small size and 11grams
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Multi-standard wireless connectivity (BLE, ANT+, Radio), Real time < 5ms
  • Long-term motion recording and on-board processing
  • microUSB port for rapid file transfer and universal charging
  • Free SDK providing raw data, quaternions, angles, enabling synchronisation, selection of sampling frequency, changing the accell’ range, …

Sensors are available currently, and run both with SDK or specific softwares (Gait Analysis, Running Analysis, Physical Activity Monitoring).
For any further information, please contact us!

Can you prove some specific info about the kind of IMUs and pressure sensors you are using? I saw no info about sampling frequency, ARW, bias instability, and any of these important parameters. Maybe you can mention what STM and NS sensors you are using. Thx