Pi pico 128x64 oled display

Hello i have been learning a lot rencently about the pi pico and pin maping pn what i can and can not do. So i wanted to test out the 128x64 oled blue screen. First of all I did mange to get the Arduino IDE working on the pico with the help me youtube and in here.

I did a i2c scanning to see what pins was the default i2c SDA and SCL. I did mange to find them on GP4 and GP5. it gave me a address of 0x3C. I used the Adafruit oled Library and i put the library in there and in the example sketch of 128x64 i did put the correct i2c address in it. I did not mange to get it working. Has anyone gotten it to work yet?

edit: Here is the sketch i have used here.


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