Pic of my project box and screen, Q about what connector to use

Here’s a picture of my project box with screen and rotary encoder for my LED project. About the last hurdle is to connect the external LED ground reference and LED data lines (2 wires total) to the board inside.

What’s a good connector that won’t short itself out or misconnect the pins while being inserted? It should be done with the power off anyway of course but if that doesn’t happen for some reason I’d rather not blow it up, and I’m afraid a standard 1/8" phono might allow a short or cross-circuit during insertion.

So, what’s a nice and elegant make/female connector I can use at the case bulkhead to run two wires inside? The only thing I have on hand is audio and weatherpack stuff!

For the USB connector I’m planning on using one of these:

Also, if you take a look at the attached picture, you might be impressed with how finely the TFT screen fits the box - I had to do that, because I couldn’t find a bezel. Do they make any kind of standard bezel for this type of screen? I couldn’t find one!

You should be making your images display directly in the post.

I often use DB09-25F type connectors for external connections.

I'd -like- to insert my image inline but unless I host it elsewhere and then insert it as a URL, how do I do that?

There's no option in the "Attachment and other options" section to make the file go inline, so far as I can see!

For example, I wanted to insert a picture to this post of the board and case together, close to ready for assembly... but can't figure out how to make it inline!

Posting images: Simple guide for inserting images in a post - Website and Forum - Arduino Forum

For connectors, you can use BNC, SMA, N etc. all common to signal wiring, RF specific. You can also use RCA. All of these are co-axial and come in panel-mount and in-line styles, as well as PCB mount.