Pic12f629 external oscillator

good morning !!
I have a question.
I have a Pic12f629, and I would like to know about the application of an external oscillator including the internal oscillator, and applications

Hi @jmss_cavernicola

I don't understand what you want.

The PIC12F629 has 6 oscillator modes (maybe 8):

• LP Low-Power Crystal
• XT Crystal/Resonator
• HS High-Speed Crystal/Resonator
• RC External Resistor/Capacitor (2 modes)
• INTOSC Internal Oscillator (2 modes)
• EC External Clock In

Can you explain better what you need?

RV mineirin

My question is why, in spite of having an internal oscillator, an external oscillator is used in projects.
thank you very much

You are in an ARDUINO forum, NOT a PIC forum! Best go to a PIC forum for your questions.

Basically it comes down to 'if it works with an internal oscillator' why fit an external, and if you need an accurate clock, you fit an external (possibly calibrated) clock.

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