PIC32MX1/2/5 starter kit compatibility issue

Hi...I have PIC32MX1/2/5 starter kit with PIC32MX570F256L controller. And on Arduino side i installed chipKIT-core library which support PIC32. But this library doesn't supports PIC32 starter kit. So my question is why arduino doesn't supports PIC32 starter kit or is there any way or any other library which may help me to make the PIC32 starter kit compatible with arduino?

This is more a question for the developers of the chipKIT core as they are making PIC32 compatible with the Arduino development environment.

thank you for your reply Riva...i will check it with chipKIT developers...i would be grateful if you explain or provide any link of How to make any Microcontrollers compatible with Arduino development environment.

A vast and difficult subject to describe but the basics of it seem to be explained here.
If your thinking of doing the core yourself then maybe best to start with one of the PIC32 cores as this will maybe need less modification then starting with a AVR core.

Thank you very much, this link helped me a lot. If somebody facing the same issue here is another link Arduino IDE 1.5 3rd party Hardware specification · arduino/Arduino Wiki · GitHub which explains a bit more.