PICAXE AXE133 display help?

Hello everyone, happy to have this little Uno sitting in front of me on my desk and happy to be here!

Continuing on, I have a question about the PICAXE AXE133 serial display. People have gotten the AXE133Y to work nicely with arduino, but I couldn't find anyone who said they got the 133 to work with it. The only info that I could find was someone whose problem never got solved...

Look! I even Googled it! axe133 with arduino - Google Search

So, my question is, has anyone gotten this thing to work nicely with an Arduino? If not, what is a good alternative for a similar price?

Sorry I can't give any more info, but I haven't bought the thing yet, and it's the cheapest thing I've found for as low of a price that it sells for (that is still serial, not paralell).

Hi 2cool4me4, i started with the Picaxe universe and quickly left it for the Arduino universe.

But i had 2 AXE133 modules and didn't want to throw it away. Fortunately it works perfecly for me with an arduino Mega and a Nano.

I changed the lcd module later with a 220 and a 420 with backlight and it still works too and the AXE module can drive the backlight and 2 pins more.

You can send me a message for more informations. But as you can see, my english is limited :slight_smile:

Regards, David.

Hi Dagui,

I know it’s a bit late to respond but I’m interested on how you proceed.
I have AXE133 and started with Picaxe too and wanted to reused it but it does not work …

I made a Serial output at 2400 baud-rate and send the same number as in the manuel but it make anythings good …


void setup() {

void loop() {


Thank you for your responds !