Pick to light project, I need a testing company

Hello, I’m working in Gennep, Limburg, and I have a project of pick to light. It works perfectly, only I need a testing company. More information in: https://picktolight.000webhostapp.com

picktolight.mpg (1.85 MB)

Dit is nederlands,gedeelte, dus je mag ook nederlands spreken hier, maar wat is je vraag eigenlijk?
als het gaat om dit project te verkopen prima, maar dan zul je er toch wat meer info omheen moeten zetten.
zoals wat is de bedoeling, wat zijn de kosten?, wat voor mogelijkheden zie je zelf?

I'm sorry, I don't speak Dutch well enough, but I'm working near Nijmegen and I consider this country like a perfect platform for innovative developments.

The question?: "I need a testing company", it means that I'm looking for a company that needs a very cheap system of pick to light. 300 leds WS2812B less than 40 euros, 5V power supply less than 30 euros, Arduino Uno less than 10 euros. Depending of how many bins has the company, I can offer completely free everything: leds, power supply, Arduino, installation, software, etc. The company tests the system and if is satisfied with the result pay me only the cost of the materials.

During the test time I can perfect the system, add suggestions and finaly I calculate the costs and the performance, so I can make a budget for other companies and I can tell these companies that the system is working perfectly in the test company.

all right i understand, however i do not know a company with a need for this sorry.
and i do understand you are asking in english on the nederlands forum.
hope you get lucky.
try it in a forum about magazines, or pick/ or something in the logistics.

This smells like a commercial endeavour, and you are presenting yourself accordingly including a commercial 'personal link'.
Commercial messages are considered spam, and if you still want to do that, you'd need to buy some ad-space.
You're in Germany, working just beyond the border in the Netherlands and can be reached through a Spanish phone number.
The smell just got worse, but let's assume you're genuine and with all the best intentions.

I think this topic would suit best in
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Hello. I developed a system of pick to light that can be seen here: https://picktolight.000webhostapp.com
The system works perfectly, I only need a company to test it in real conditions. Depending on how many bins has the company I can offer the materials (leds, power supply, Arduino, etc.) completely free. During the test I can perfect the system, add suggestions, test the performance, etc. If the test company is satisfied, only pay me the materials and I have experience to calculate the costs to make a budget to other companies and I can tell to these companies that the system is working.

picktolight.mpg (1.85 MB)

Might be a stupid question, but what is this good for?

This is good for avoiding mistakes in orders preparation. A mistake can mean a lot of money lost, delays, angry customers, innacurate inventories, etc. The pick to light system can be implemented in warehouses and small businesses

How does your pick to light system differ from the others on the market?

Why are you posting this in the Arduino forum - just because you are using an Arduino to build it?

My advice would be to look for some small or medium sized mail order businesses in your area by looking online or in a business directory or going for a walk around some industial estates. After doing a little research about each candidate business and creating a customised marketing pitch, approach them with your offer of free installation in exchange for on-site R&D time. If you find one or more suitable takers then you're sorted.

This system of pick to light differs from the others for the price, just because I'm using Arduino and cheap elements: led strip and power supply. I'm posting this in the Arduino forum because 1) I'm using an Arduino, 2) People who like Arduino are enthusiast of technology and new developments and maybe there are people interested in this system 3) I will follow your good advice when I had time after the work, still I haven't, and this posts and the web page with the videos is a first step.

You’ll need some kind of interface to “some” WAWI / SAP / online shop system. Something to accept orders with minimal fuzz.

Your project seems to be a long way from being ready for on-site testing.
It’s a functional prototype, but pointless to test in end use cases until it’s a production prototype.

You’ll get viable feedback by thrashing it with your own expectations, then having a warehouse logistics person run some of their scenarios in your test site,

Probably before that you need to sit with your intended customers - brainstorming the functionality you’ve already developed against there real requirements.

Why pay thousands to test an incomplete project that will change, and possibly require both hardware and software revisions before it’s worthy of real world testing. Payment could be using ‘contra’ - providing a free system upon completion of the development phase.
The guinea pig test site doesnt want to lose their own productivity while your team hammer out the remaining 20%.

My project, as you can see in the videos, can be used immediately, without changes. Of course, I will admit all suggestions.

I was working as an order picker and I know what I'm talking about. I understand that people who have no idea about this matter say things that make no sense.

Then, I will explain to you how it works: A line leader has an order picker team; The line leader groups orders for each order picker, assigns a color to each order group, scans the locations on the system screen, the LEDs light up in the locations and delivers this group of orders to an order picker, tells the color that he will find in the bins of the warehouse, the order picker goes to the warehouse with an order picker trolley, picks up the items and when he finishes informs the line leader and he turns off the lights of the locations with a click. Of course, the items go to the packers and follow the process until the pallets enter the truck.

A lot less mistakes, a lot of money saved from the very first day, the order pickers are going faster, less time preparing orders, happy customers, correct inventory... etc.

So i’m guessing you have LED annunciators fitted on the shelves - and the WS28xx ships are shown just for development.
What is the distance between pick shelves/locations, are you accommodating the wire lengths in your WS signalling & power tests.

I have no problem at all with your idea, it’s another angle on on a common problem. Your approach looks good if all the bumps are addressed.
(e.g. How many pick colours can all pickers differentiate under various warehouse lighting scenarios? I’d guess about a dozen.)

As your project goes ahead, you might like talk to a friend of mine - perhaps you could collaborate and integrate the two solutions...

Females can distingush more than 7 colors of LED point light sources (if there’s no context), males less. Using a pattern e.g. 2x2 or 3x3 helps a lot.

Females can distingush more than 7 colors of LED point light source

Some women have indeed a fourth colour receptor, but far from all. There are even colour blind women. Colours have to be used with care, and never on their own for easy recognition!