Picking a Stepper Motor it's Driver and how to power it. (Or go with Servo)?

So I am creating an AirSoft Gun turret and now I need to control its movement. That means I need roughly 210 degrees of movement on the z axis and 90 degrees on the y axis. At first I thought of using a stepper motor for this project due to the possiblity of the continuation of this project into a larger system but when I found out about drivers I pretty much throw that idea out the window. The next thing I went into was server motors but I was having issue's determining what my power requirements were. So Basically I am asking for your guys help on determining a few things.

First off. If I were to go with stepper motors I have a couple of issue's. 1. Driver boards. I looked into both the EasyDriver and The BigEasyDriver but I am unsure due to the number of complaints about the new boards even though they claimed to fix the silk screening issue's. This isn't a big issue due to the wide range of other drivers and suppliers but compatibility issue;'s are confusing me. 2. Power supply most of these motors require powers that seem to larger than standard for most wall warts and I am unsure on how to go about powering the drivers. I understand what to do once I can get power to the board but I am unsure on how I could find pretty much anything above 12v capible of more than 1Amp.

For Servo's I have pretty much the same concerns but focusing more on continuous motion and determining how power of one I will really need.

What I really need from people that know what they are doing (You Guys :P) . Is what configuration would work best for me. I can set my Base up so that the motor controlling the twisting will not have any weight one it. (placed below rotating platform just turning the platform on wheels.) So that shouldn't need anything crazy powerful. My issue is I am uncertain what kind of power i will need for the tilting . I don't really want to do any gearing here and I don't expect my turret to be holding a position for more than 5-10 seconds.

Finally the Power supply. I have found a couple instrutables on how to run the stepper motors and set them up even but I haven't really seen any that have mentioned power supply systems. I understand this is probably because they are all a little different and totally hacked out.

So that whole long monologue about me being confused boils down to. What motor do I need, what driver do I need, and how do I power the driver.

If I were making a gun turret I would use stepper motors without giving it a second thought. Why ? 1-stepper motors come in a wide range of sizes 2- using the proper pulleys (with belt drive) (or gears) allows for a wide variety of gear ratios (n cogs on pinion, m cogs on https://www.google.com/search?q=stepper+motor+drive+pulleys+and+belts&biw=1426&bih=951&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=z6k5VOS1Mar-igLFgIH4Dg&ved=0CGAQsAQ

3-stepper motor drives come in many sizes https://www.google.com/#q=stepper+motor+driver

I am not really having second thoughts either but my problem is I don't really understand what I need. Thank you for replying but I still don't really understand what I need. I have been doing research for a couple of days and I still confused.

We don't know from your description the loads you are trying to move. Choosing the right stepper is all about knowing torque, speed, and resolution requirements. If this "turret" weighs 100lbs, it will take a larger stepper than if it weighs 1/2 lb.

how about starting with your budget ?

The arm that will be tilted will probably be less than a pound. With the axel resting on a bearing on the other side of the motor. It's needs to be relatively fast with 1/2 or 1/4 step precision.. A budget of preferably under $50 dollars but if that isn't feasible I might be able to increase it.

Take a look at the reprap project - would the steppers used there work for you? I'm guessing so if suitably geared. They're NEMA 17 steppers, which, although it actually just specifies how to mount them, does give an idea of how big they're likely to be. The stepper driver boards for it are available from Pololu: http://www.pololu.com/product/1182

Ok awesome after further review they look like what I will probably buy. (the nema 17’s and those drivers). I am still confused on how to power these things though?

Key parameters you need to calculate/estimate/measure/determine are



Start from those requirements.

hi, this is what i am going to use but a larger version this site has lots to look at....

im looking for help with my project too, i want to use the cnc shield with the uno




probably a 12v gate motor battery will be sufficient to drive all