PID library not working

Hi everyone. I just installed IDE 1.6.3. I had IDE 1.0.6 installed previously. I installed the PID library from a zip file. It shows up on the contributed libraries list but when I try include library in a sketch nothing happens. I don’t get the “#include <PID_v1.h>” instruction, just a blank line. When I try to run the sketch I get a fatal error: PID_v1.h: No such file or directory. Note this library worked fine with IDE 1.0.6. Does anyone have any ideas, or should I just go back to IDE 1.0.6? Thanks in advance


Can you share a link to the PID library?

The link to the library is

The library files very likely need to be moved up one level in the directory hierarchy. The problem is a result of the way Github (very badly) packages ZIP files.

Sounds like your library didn't end up in libraries/PID_v1/PID_v1.h and libraries/PID_v1/PID_v1.cpp in your sketch directory. Is the directory called PID_v1_master? Just change names and move files to get everything in the right place. Then re-start the IDE.

Your suggestion about moving the library files up one level in the directory hierarchy worked! Thanks Coding Badly and everyone for your help :)