PID library

Has anyone successfully (or unsuccessfully) run the PID library on the DUE?

My friend I am projecting a digital controler with Arduino. It will be a PI contoler. I will emulate an analogical controler. As a matter of fact I didn't know there would be a PID library for the Arduino. What I am doing is to convert a Laplace Transform transference function to a Z transference function and after that to a difference equation. So with that I can programme Arduino. If there is a shorter step, please anwer me. Thank you.

Yes I use the PID library on the Due for my quadcopter. Don't recall having any problems getting it to work.

My friend, I saw the PID Library but in my opinion it has poor resources. If you wanted to make a diferent transference function, you could not. The steps are as I have already described.

I'd given up on anyone replying to this. Thanks, both of you.

For future reference: I also had some trouble with the PID library, I could not get stable parameters for my system. I threw together some code with what I remembered from a course Control Engineering, and it seems to be almost the same as the pseudo code in this Wikipedia article: PID controller - Wikipedia