PID temperature controllers

For my project I need to set up a temperature profile but the profile should NOT start from an ambient temperature ,that can be as low as 20°C , but from a higher temperature, for example from 150°C.
Also it should finish at that temperature 150°C.
Will I need two PID controllers or one will be enough?
And what kind of the controllers_ ALtec P410 or REX C100 or different?
Thank you for help

An Arduino can be a PID controller. You would need external circuitry to control the level of heating or cooling. Google "arduino pid temperature control" for many examples.

Thanks for the reply. My problem is not temperature control but how to start/finish with a different temperature from ambient

If you want to maintain a temperature other than ambient, you don't finish. You just leave it
running with the relevant set-point active.

@MarkT: Can you please explain what exactly you mean by you don't finish.

If the temperature is to be maintained at 150, you need to keep running your control loop - otherwise how
can you control the temperature?

Talking about temperature profiles sounds like reflow oven controllers. Google a combination of "arduino pid reflow oven controllers" for a number of examples. The oven starts at ambient, with a preheat time to come up to the starting temperature. When the preheat is reached, the controller changes the temperature set point to follow the profile. When done, you can turn power off or keep it set to the preheat value. Use care, a profile that never turns off sounds possibly (burn down the house) problematic. You could do this with a pre-made PID controller, but you would either have to manually change the set point (C100) or work at changing the set point using some interface protocol (PC410?)

To have a temperature profile, you just change the temperature setpoint of the PID controller from time to time, as appropriate.