hi people, i'm doing an autostabilising camera platform for uavs. i'm using arduino with adxrs300 and IDG300.... i'm wondering if i need acclerometers.. and there's some problems with my program.... seems that its not responding fast enough... maybe my code is wrong or something... something wrong with the sampling rate? cos i'm using interrupts to pulse the servos and looping to read the sensors.. i'm doing averaging for the 3 gyro rates.

can anyone help?

hi axileon, maybe you should be more specific on what you're doing and how you're doing it. maybe some code or a drawing. it's really hard to tell why your setup isn't "fast enough" like this. is it almost fast enough or does it take like 50 seconds to update the position? depending on how far you are with the whole project, it might be an idea to concentrate on the adxrs300 first. it's well documented and (so i read) much more precise than your idg300. i've worked with neither of them though.

how are you using the interrupts to pulse the servos? without really understanding what you do, it sounds like your interrupts are called too often. so that your loop never gets executed.

i'm not sure neither, if you need interrupts at all to do what you want.

best, kuk