Piezo as "cat detector" on a car... Possible or not?

Hi guys!

This is my first post here even if I’m a big fan of Arduinos, I made some projects thanks to this community and already posted questions and answers… But I am facing a problematic and I think some of you may help :slight_smile:

I have a HUGE problem with cats! Don’t get me wrong, I love animals (specialy dogs) but this is really bugging me now! As my car is parked near a wall/fence (just like all the other cars in the parking area), they jump up on the car to get on the wall, or jump from the wall down to my car to get to the parking floor… They scratched my paint, and I want my revenge ]:smiley:

So! Do you think a piezo sensor could be sensitive enough (if fixed on the car’s roof inside the car of course) to trigger the Arduino whenever a cat jumps on the car? I can’t use a “broad” detector (IR movement for example) because I’m not alone and I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate getting “surprised” when walking around their own cars…

Have not decided what to do after that, maybe trigger the washer pump and horn :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe like a doorbell mechanism, making the entire car body “ring” or at least noisy anough to scare the beasts…
Maybe the piezo itself can produce ultrasounds?

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

You could use ultrasonic sound. I think 22kHz ... 24kHz would work for dogs and cats.
There are special piezo elements for a loud ultrasonic output.
But you need special hardware to drive those.
I would not use the same piezo element for detection and ultrasonic sound, that would make the hardware more complicated.

Perhaps you could buy a cat and dog repeller with a PIR sensor and ultrasonic piezo.
I was reading a while ago about these devices, and someone wrote that the neighbour's cat did not respond to it. It turned out that the cat was deaf.
Such a device helped me to get the cats out of my garden. Once they learn they should not go there, they don't even try anymore.

Can you do something with the wall ? To make it impossible to jump onto ?

Japanese Drumming Sensei for how to massage piezo signals. You can amplify and detect anything -- the question is how many false alarms you'd get.

Check Youtube for the "Ford ka commercials." Might give you some (bad) ideas particular to handling cats on your car.

Hi !

This solution is fun too : How to stop cats going on your car - The best cat video ever! - YouTube

About false triggers, like rain or ice... Yes it could be difficult!

PIR detectors and ultrasonic repellers... I found some on the Internet but buyers say it doesn't work very well, cats may ignore the device after a few weeks and they come back...