Piezo as trigger and as audio microphone

Hello, i've a drum snare with a piezo inside. I would like to know if the inside piezo can be uses both as a midi trigger, and an audio microphone. I want to attach that piezo to my midi arduino drum conteller, and also to my audio analogic mixer, to add some effects on it. Can it be done? Maybe with some additional hardware? Thanks! ;)

It should "work" as a microphone, but it's very high impedance so you might have to use a line-input, or better yet a guitar input. A regular low-impedance mic-input will "load down" the signal, and I'm not sure if you'll get sufficient signal levels.

And, I wouldn't expect good sound quality. There are piezo pick-ups for acoustic guitars, but they are designed to be pick-ups.

You can find a lot of information about using a piezo element as a pickup on do-it-yourself guitar sites. Here's one: http://www.diyguitarist.com/Guitars/PiezoBuffer.htm.

thank you for reply