Piezo film sensor for footstep detection


I’m currently looking into detecting footsteps on a wooden floor using piezoelectric sensors and recording the output as audio.

After some research it seemed like a cantilever piezo film sensor might be suitable. I have ordered a few of these (MiniSense 100, LDTM-028K).

I’m wondering if there is a optimal way to mount these sensors to maximise vibrational transfer. At the moment I have soldered the sensors to small PCBs and have the PCBs attached to the floor with adhesive tape. I’m amplifying the signal with jfet preamps. I’m finding that footsteps around 6” from the sensor are barely registering above the noise floor.

Any advice on mounting these sensors, or even suggestions for other sensors that might be more suitable, would be much appreciated!


A contact microphone is the way to go I suspect. Perhaps a piezo element can work if its loaded with some
mass so its more like a contact mic.

flexi force sensor A501 can be used to detect the pressure applied on the floor

I can't suggest anything more than I see in the data sheet.


I have seen versions which include an amplifier module. I can tell you this, you can't make a silk purse out of a saws ear. Considering you can buy the sensor and module for about $6.00 USD you can't expect much even if your amp design is good. Have you considered a charge amp design?