Piezo to operate a relay

Hi, I am behind B4 I start. 1) New, to the forum, 2) First experience with Arduino boards, 3) Old, retired, & mentally challenged with electronics,

My question is: How can I get piezo operate a small relay? on the UNO board I would like the piezo to operate relay to make & break a closed 3vdc circuit.

I have looked it the Arduino Knock, but cant find anything operating a relay. I would really appreciate if someone could give some direction. (to be honest, show me how to do it) No Idea Thanks in advance

Hi and Welcome... Here's some direction...

I guess you've done the tutorials with LEDs before you got to knock? Or can do them now?

Here's what I'd do:

First, in the knock tutorial, where it sends "knock" to the monitor, replace that with a line that does a digitalWrite to a pin of your choice, as if to switch an LED on. In fact, switching an LED on is a good place to start with this. (Don't forget to set the pin to output first.) And you would probably want to put a delay in there to switch the LED off again... Something like that anyway.

Then, read this tutorial or any similar one to see how to switch a relay. Note that it's simply a matter of switching an Arduino output pin, as if it was an LED.

Last, rig up the relay as in that tutorial, and replace your LED with that.