Piezo Transducer to produce sonographs using Arduino and ATMega328P

So I was wondering, if i can possibly vibrate a piezo to work like a diagnostic ultrasound machine. If the piezo is vibrated with around 8 MHz, it can probe human body with pretty good resolution. Then a piezo sensor matrix can be used to create a depth image (white for deepest parts and black for nearest) of various elements in the body can give a fair idea of what is inside the body. Then transferring this image for further use with the help of Arduino won’t be a big deal.

My only problem is I am more of a programmer than a circuit builder… so I need help in realizing the theory I said above… if it is at all possible, that is…

  1. What piezo transducers are more suitable to my need? Where to find em? (I live in India)
  2. How to vibrate the piezo with desired frequency? How to sense the echoes from body using a matrix of sensors? or is it possible to create a image using single sensor?
  3. Is there any other way of achieving the same goal, i.e. creating an internal image of the body, to see what is inside the skin, without cutting through it of course…?
  4. How to create that image using Arduino Uno ATMega328P?

Please not that I am not at all familiar with electronics and related concepts… I am more of a programmer as I said earlier… so pls answer accordingly…

Thanks in advance!

Making something like this is very hard : Medical ultrasound - Wikipedia

A normal piezo for in a buzzer can buzz at perhaps 25kHz. Special piezo element perhaps up to 50kHz. But 8MHz ? That will be like a tiny crystal of 8MHz.

Do you have experience in visualizing matrix data ?

Yes. I have an experience of visualizing matrix data. However that matrix data was only generated by another computer. So it was completely based on programming... I'm stuck with hardware. Thanks for your link though... i followed it up and it rather made me sure that I need 7.5-8 MHz transducer... ultrasound piezo I should say... I followed up a few more links and read something like medical transducers... like Quartz .. if anyone can direct me to where to fin them/buy them online

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


the source says PZT instead of Quartz... I need help finding such a thing and then configuring it with arduino...

Then transferring this image for further use with the help of Arduino won't be a big deal.

Yes, it will be a big deal. The Arduino does not have enough memory for work with images.

Oh that's right! Then maybe I can send sensor data obtained by arduino to a PC using wifi module. Image processing from that data in a PC would be a better option. Can that work?