Piezo transducers preamp & filters


I’m creating electronic percussion synthesizer and obviously using Arduino. I need an advice for preamp circuit that I’ve designed. Since I have no experience in analog field and in electronics at all, I’m not sure if I’ve connected everything correctly and have chosen all resistors and capacitors right.

I’m using 3.3v Arduino Pro Mini (Atmega328P, 16Mhz), main power source - Lipo battery rated at 3.7V. Power for preamp goes from Arduino’s VCC output. As I’ve found on some forums, for such low voltage applications it’s the best choice to use rail-to-rail op-amps, so decided to use TS922 from STM (datasheet: http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/TS922.pdf ).

What do you think? Will it work?

Will it work?

It will work for some applications and not for others.

Without knowing what you are trying to do with it, and how your particular devices behave, your question is impossible to answer.

Oh, excuse me for forgetting to give more information about the project.

I need to cut-off parasite and useless frequencies so I’m forming banpass filter from 159Hz (HPF) to 3.5kHz (LPF). Also, I want to amplify weak signal which is coming from piezo transducer (acting as contact mic). Piezo dimension 27mm. I want full dynamic range from 0V to 3.3V (0 - 1024 adc units).

The whole thing should work as envelope follower so it will be possible to detect percussion hits sensed by piezo mics.

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