Pig feeder ;-)

We have a prototype of a new commercial pig feeder. It runs with the seeeduino GPRS on top of an Uno.

My code runs fine and stable. Optimizing it i realized that the cached feedings I store in the memory will get lost when the arduino resets thus missing the physical feedings. I need to cache the feeding due to the fairly long time it takes to establish the GPRS connection and get an anwser.

My question is then - I store aprox. 500 cached feedings pr. pig pr. 24h and storing them in the EEPROM will wear the EERPROM too fast.

Is there any way to keep the variables in the memory after reset? is there another type of storing that I could use?

The EEPROM is supposed to be good for 100,000 writes. I'm struggling to understand what you mean by 500 per pig per 24hrs - at least in terms what data you're keeping on feeding them. An alternative place to store the data would be on an SD card. The Seeed SD card shield looks like it would work with what you already have.

Sorry if my description was poor.

I feed up to 20 pigs - in portions - up to 500 small portions pr. day.

My problem is that I need a quick response from detecting to actual feeding and putting in a GPRS call will give me a delay of 2-4 seconds. So I cache the next portion after a feeding is actually done - because there is a wait time until the next portion is allowed (around 10 seconds).

Ill look at the SD card option.