Piloting Mover6 robotarm with arduino

Hello everyone, I need your help for my student project I need to pilote a Mover6 Robot arm from commonplacerobotics with an arduino.

And I'm struggling, the robotarm works with CAN protocol and I don't really understand how it works it's very abstract to me and at this point I don't know how I can pilote this robot arm anymore.

So if someone is passing by I'd like your help and support very much :smiley:

Have a nice day.

Help us to help you …

Tell us what a Mover6 Robot is. Ideally post a link to its datasheet.

What do you want to do with the Robot?

What program code have you tried? (Post your code, and please use the code button </>)
What does that program actually do?
What do you want it to do differently?


Which hardware and libraries do you use for the CAN bus connection?

Is Arduino sample code available for the arm?

Where can we find a description of the commands, understood by the arm?