Pin 10 always HIGH?


I’m having some headhache with my new arduino NG. It seems like pin 10 is always set as HIGH. Running this code:

int i=0;
void setup(){

  • for(i=2;i<13;i++){*
  • pinMode(i,OUTPUT);*
  • }*
    void loop(){
  • for(i=2;i<13;i++){*
  • digitalWrite(i,LOW);*
  • }*
  • digitalWrite(12,HIGH);*
  • delay(2000);*

… i can connect a LED to pin 10 and it will be on. ¿Why? ¿Is my arduino board damaged?


How do you have the LED connected?

One pin to GND and the other to 220 resistor to pin 10. Same in another arduino NG works so I think mine is damaged...

It's possible. Do you have the same problems with other pins? Have you tried swapping the ATmega8 with the one on another board to see if it's the ATmega8 or the board that's the problem?