Pin 10 is stuck HIGH

My Arduino mega (ATmega1280) has port 10 stuck on HIGH. When I changed the code to use pin 9 it all works fine. Is this common? I assume I must have once made a wiring mistake and somehow burnt it out.

My Arduino mega (ATmega1280) has port 10 stuck on HIGH

How do you know?

[quote author=Coding Badly link=topic=93126.msg701217#msg701217 date=1329948002] How do you know? [/quote]

I tested it with a multi meter, set to DC volts.

After uploading an empty sketch to the board, you measure a stable 5 volts on pin 10?

Do you measure 5 volts after connecting a large value resistor (say 10K) between pin 10 and GND?

Did you remember to set the pin as an OUTPUT?