Pin 13 not working

hi, i'm using a new original Arduino Mega, i did upload the blink example to the board and notice that the on-board Led did not start flashing, so i hoked a external resistor+led to pin 13 and noting then a modified it o use other pin (pin 9), hooked the resistor+led and it worked, what mean my pin 13 is somewhat dead, there is any way around it?

Yes, sounds like 13 is bad. Does the 2560 chip feel warm to the touch?

by the way i got a photo of the back side of pin 13 if it helps

Looks like a lot of pins have solder bridges between them - can you confirm?

thy indeed do. should i try to remove the solder bridges using a knife?

Hot soldering iron may be better, but if I were you I would just return the board to the seller if it came that way.

Hot soldering iron worked great, now pin 13 and the onborard led ar working, thanks