Pin 13 produces brighter LED than the other pins?

When I plug a pin into pin 13, it’s brighter than when I plug it into the other pins (1-12). Is there a reason for this/how can I prevent this?


humm brighter? i would assume that it would be lighter than the rest not brighter. but any how, the reason might be related to the fact that pin 13 comes with 1k resistor, the rest don´t. check this:

to have all the LEDs with the same brightness you just need to have equal resistor values in all the pins.

The 1K resistor is no longer present in Diecimila…

Yeah, I mean the LED on the 13 pin looks brighter than LEDs on other pins.

I am using the Diecimila. I didn’t know I needed to use a resistor if I just plugged the LED into the board, I guess I’m lucky the LED didn’t burn out =/ .