Pin 13 Voltage Missing and NRF24L01 communication issue

Hi. I am using an NRF24l01 transceiver which uses Pin13,12,11 of the board. I have noticed that somehow the LED for tx has gone bad (not glowing) but board is communicating intermittently using the NRF. I checked that there is no voltage across the Pin 13&12 on my board but Pin11 is showing 5V (PinX - +ve and Black lead out of Voltmeter to Arduino Gnd). Does this suggest that there is something wrong with the Pin and I need to get it re-soldered or is the issue something else. Since my NRF is soldered on the pins so NRF connections are good. I also verified that the NRF has consistent 3.3V supply.

What is the issue?

Anything I can do to fix this?