pin 9 PWM library

hello ...
I want to use PIN 9 as A PWM channel
and i have to use the Servo.h library for my project
is there any solutions ? :o :o

So you're trying to use pin 9 as a PWM channel and at the same time use that pin to control a servo? Don't you have any more available PWM pins? They are marked by a tilde (~) on the Arduino board.

thank you for your quick response ...
I have to use all the PWM channels for my project :confused:

Like, are you using all those channels for PWM, or are you just using them as digital outputs? If they're just digital outputs, use a shift register (74HC595) instead and then connect the servo to one of those PWM pins.

i ve already made the PCB of my project ...
i m only using the MCU 328P not the whole arduino uno
So i can't add new chips to the circuit ...
Is there is any solution By modifing the Servo library (Software solution)
thank you

I'm not exactly the expert on modifying libraries, but what I do know is that servos are controlled by pulse-width modulation. Even modifying the library would probably not help. If you don't have any PWM-capable pins, then you are kind of doomed with this project (no offence). But again, I'm not the expert; just doing my best. Make sure you prototype before you order a PCB so that you don't run into errors like this.

check around for software pwm library