Pin comparison

Hi, I’d like to see a pin comparison between ardu pro mini and ardu mega1280. Pls someone comeup with some help.


You need to review the schematics in the hardware section of the main site. Maybe go into more depth also and look at the __pins_.h files where the names are mapped to the pins if the schematics do not have all the names clear enough.

actually i am building one multicopter. and this board is what i want to use as the brain. however originally others used ardu pro mini where i choose this one because in future i want to add gps and autopilot feature to my project. but i can't get a comparison between two boards pinout. Now i can not go ahead without knowing where to plug in what?

Use D0-D13 and D14-D19 (A0-A5) like the promini did, the IDE will map the signals to the correct pins. Connect your wires to the pins labelled the same. If you need them to be PWMs, then you might have to move them a little, and re-identify the pins used in the pre-setup area of the code.

hey thanks for the advice. but i am not actually an engineer and could not understand things u said. i believe the A stands for analogue and D for digital right? and if so i am posting a pic of ardu pro mini. now pls help. thanks…


That's not a ProMini, I think that is just a regular Mini. Same thing applies - recompile your code for the other processor. Connect your wire to pins with the same names. Digital 2,3,4, etc. Analog (or AD) 0,1,2 etc.



Now that's a Promini, I built quite a few of them (15 or 16) into my fencing scoring machines.

Same thing applies - recompile the code for the ATMega. Connect your wire to pins with the same names. Digital 2,3,4, etc. Analog (or AD) 0,1,2 etc.

well pls have a look at this 1st pic. u’d see how the connections are drawn! as i told u i am no engineer and have zerp or no experience with electronics. can u pls help me now with the connection diag? thank u.


Ok, you see the pins along the right side of your Mega labeled 13,12,11,10,etc? Connect the wires on promini pins 2,3,4,5...12 up to those pins. The 2 orange wires in the middle of the board, connect those to 18 (left wire) and 19 (right wire). Connect Gnds (Black wires) to GND, and the RAW wire to VIN.

Hi, i tried all possible connections but to no good. there is no response in the GUI of the multiwii 1.7. could I fry my WMP during the tryouts? Many suggested that I have blown my wmp. but i want to know what might have caused it. i used this refernce to connect the wmp. comment pls

Why is pin 12 connected o Vin and Vcc on the bottom 2 blocks? Tha t pin is not good as a power source. What is the block on the right with the 7 PWM pins going to it?